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Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Perfusion/TEAM Meeting in Zurich

Dear Collegues

here are some information about the Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Perfusion and the TEAM Meeting in Zurich

team small 

You can download Informations on the TEAM Meeting


Information und Agenda Annual Meeting SSoP here.

New official post adress

Please notice that from September 25th, 2017 the Swiss Society of Perfusion will have the following new official post adress/domicile:


Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Perfusionstechniken SGfP/SSdP

c/o Universitätsspital Zürich

Koen Van Tilburg

Abteilung Kardiotechnik

Rämistrasse 100

CH-8091 Zürich


S. Costabile


Soft artificial heart produced with a 3d-printer

Researcher from ETH Zurich from the group for functional material engineering have developed a silicone heart which pumps very alike like a human heart. Together with colleagues of the professorship for product development and construction they have checked how well it functions.

Soft heart from 3d-printer

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